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The Perfect Granola Symphony - Cran-Cinny Bliss

Each bite offers a perfect harmony of flavors and textures, delivering a crunchy, nutritious delight that will keep you coming back for more. Indulge in the ultimate granola experience with Cran-Cinny Bliss - your taste buds will thank you!

$12.00 per bag (250g)

Yes, I will take one!

Coconut & Almond Granola - Coco-Yummy

Packed with coconut and almonds, it has a delicious, satisfying flavor that will keep you going throughout the day. A real energy booster for your busy day, it will keep you energized and ready to tackle the small and big challenges. Made with Gluten free Oats, Honey, Coconut, Almonds and Olive Oil.

$12.00 per bag (250 grams)

Yes, I will take one!
The Granola Kid - CocoYummy
The Granola Kid - GoNuts Granola

Nutty Granola - Go Nuts

Indulge in a Nutty Delight with Our Gluten-Free, Five-Ingredient Granola. Packed with a delicious mix of flavors and textures. Made with Gluten Free Oats, Honey, Almonds, Sunflower Seeds & Olive Oil.

$12.00 per bag (250 grams)

Yes, I will take one!

Oat Honey Granola - Naked

Conquer Your Day with Our Three-Ingredient Granola Mix. Made with Gluten Free Oats, Honey & Olive Oil, yup that's it. Uncomplicated but powerful to help you conquer your day.

$11.00 per bag (250 grams)

Yes, I will take one!
The Granola Kid - Pancakes topped with Naked Granola

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Chocolate & Almond Granola - Dark & Dreamy

The Granola Kid
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Dark & Dreamy Granola, A Delicious and Satisfying Treat for Any Time of Day:

  • Layered with deep dark rich cocoa, cinnamon, a kiss of sea salt
  • Finished with chocolate chips for an extra delicious treat
  • Perfect for breakfast, snacking and dessert
  • Turns your morning cereal milk into chocolate milk for a tasty and indulgent start to the day

Order now and try Dark & Dreamy Granola for yourself and see why it's so mmm, mmm, mmm good!

Best enjoyed within 14 days

Recommended Storage: Sealed bag / container in cool temperature (fridge or freezer)