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Our granola is pure without additives and preservatives.  Eat it as part of your breakfast meal or take along with you as a snack.

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The Granola Kid Pack of 3

The Granola Kid - Coco-Yummy Granola

Packed with coconut and almonds it's yum yum yummy. A real energy booster for your busy day. It will keep you powered and ready to tackle the small and big challenges. Made with Gluten free Oats, Honey, Coconut, Almonds and Olive Oil.

$12.00 per bag (250 grams)

Yes, I will take one!
The Granola Kid - CocoYummy
The Granola Kid - GoNuts Granola

The Granola Kid - Go Nuts Granola

If you're nutty for nuts then dig into this one! So good that your heart (and soul) will thank you for making this choice. Made with Gluten Free Oats, Honey, Almonds, Sunflower Seeds & Olive Oil.

$12.00 per bag (250 grams)

Yes, I will take one!

The Granola Kid - Naked Granola

If you like it plain and simple this is your go to! Made with Gluten Free Oats, Honey & Olive Oil, yup that's it. Uncomplicated but powerful to help you conquer your day. Let's go!

$11.00 per bag (250 grams)

Yes, I will take one!
The Granola Kid - Pancakes topped with Naked Granola

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The Granola Kid - Combo Pack of 3

The Granola Kid
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Can't decide? Combo pack of 3. Send us an email with your granola preferences - or send a chat message from website homepage. Pricing includes shipping across Canada. 

$5.00 also donated to the Down Syndrome Resource Foundation that will be matched 1:1. 

Choose your granola, choose your goals, live your best life and love every moment of your path to healthy eating and healthy living #cleanfoodfeelgood

Best enjoyed within 14 days

Recommended Storage: Sealed bag / container in cool temperature (fridge or freezer)