Meet the Granola Kid


My name is Zamaan and I am the founder and CEO of the Granola Kid.  I was born with Down Syndrome and very often people with Down Syndrom are overlooked for jobs, school and many other opportunities.  So instead of letting people decide my fate, I decided to take charge and give myself the opportunity to do something I love - cooking and baking, and make it my business.

Global News featured my story, you can learn more

When you eat my granola, you are not only helping my business succeed, but you are eating nutritious food that is going to help you get started on achieving your goals - just like me.  So, dig in and tell me how you are smashing your goals!

Inclusion, equity and diversity are very important to me. My goal is drive awareness that individuals with Down Syndrome can achieve our dreams and succeed based on our merit and hard work just like anyone else. I am part of a growing cohort of people with Down Syndrome that have started their own business. The Down Syndrome Resource Foundation created a short film Minding My Own Business - click here to learn and view the short film


Zamaan Jivraj (aka The Granola Kid)