• ‘Granola Kid’ uses the power of oats to achieve his dreams

    by Zamaan Jivraj The Granola Kid

    I had my first TV Interview that was aired & published on November 9, 2021. Special thanks to  

    Most grade 12 students are wondering about their future. But the young man you are about to meet has already figured out how to be an entrepreneur. As Jay Durant tells us on This is B.C.--he calls himself the Granola Kid and he promises to be a cereal success.

  • Inaugural Newsletter - Gratitude

    by The Granola Kid Team Inaugural Newsletter - Gratitude

    We can hardly believe it!  This is our inaugural newsletter which we thought would take months to get off the ground.  Heck, we thought our whole business would take much longer to get off the ground.  So, this leads us to our first and foremost point to think about and reflect on.  GRATITUDE.  Let’s start with how grateful we are at The Granola Kid to all of YOU, our buyers, well-wishers, taste testers, and overall supporters.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the kindness and generosity you have shown us in such a short time.  We appreciate all the love and say ‘keep it comin’ because there is no such thing as too much love – just like there is no such thing as too much granola.